Video: Sunil Narine celebrates for the 1st time after taking a wicket

Sunil Narine has always been one of the calmest cricketers we have seen in the Indian Premier League. Cricket is a passionate sport and we often see cricketers get out of their usual self to celebrate certain moments by going to any extent. It often leads to controversial fiascos between two players but that is the part and parcel of the game. However, Sunil Narine always keeps himself out of these. He usually focuses on his game and i can’t remember how many times i saw him laugh in his entire career – it is such an emotional moment.

But sometimes people do crazy things to convey their emotions – things they would not do usually under normal situations, and that is exactly what Sunil Narine did tonight in the final between CSK and KKR. Sunil Narine had an exceptional season this season. He had been pretty off lately in the last few seasons due to his changed actions but he seems to have found a solution to that problem with his latest action which is as simple as it gets. Narine has been one of the most important players for Kolkata Knight Riders this season both with the ball and with the bat.

He is one of the highest wicket-takers of Kolkata Knight riders this season and has always been excessively handy with the bat playing cameo knocks hitting it out of the park whenever required.

But what did Sunil Narine do tonight that is making it to the headlines. In reality, Sunil Narine celebrated with great fervour on picking up the wicket of Ruturaj Gaikwad in the ongoing final. This is uncharacteristic of him as he usually does not celebrate his wickets. It shows how much this match and the wicket means to him.