VIDEO: WK Sam Billings Pulls off a Cheeky move against Miller – Fans are calling him Oversmart

We often see Wicketkeepers making fake claims to the umpire to persuade them into giving an LBW or maybe a caught behind. It is fairly usual and we have been seeing WKs using this trick from time immemorial. However, have you ever seen any wicketkeeper faking a Hit Wicket to fool the umpire and the batsman? Well, something exactly similar happened in the match between Gujarat Titans and Kolkata Knight Riders which was played yesterday at the DY Patil Stadium.

Gujarat Titans won the toss and opted to bowl first and following the common consensus of IPL 2022 wherein the team that bowls first usually wins the match as well, they ended up winning the match by a narrow margin to maintain their position at the top of the table. However, speaking about the Wicket-keeper’s incident that we were talking about a minute ago, it was none other than KKR wicketkeeper Sam Billing who tried to pull off a sneaky move against David Miller.

When David Miller was batting in the 16th over, on a particular delivery he happened to step back a lot inside the crease. He defended the ball and went for a single. However, Sam Billings was cheeky enough to hit the wicket with his gloves eyeing the opportunity and he also claimed for a hit wicket. The Umpire went upstairs to review the decision only to find out the truth. Although it might have been a mistake on Billing’s part, this was not a good move if done willingly and it could also have him imposed with a fine for his behaviour.