Virat Kohli breaks yet another captaincy record – Netizens are shocked !

Indian test captain Virat Kohli broke an unexpected record two days ago when he won the toss for their opening test match against South Africa in the ongoing series. It was quite an unforeseen event as the skipper rarely wins tosses and sometimes also jokes about it himself. However the record that he broke is even more unbelievable as the netizens never thought that it would ever come anywhere close to breaking this record.

So what was the record that Virat Kohli broke? Well he broke Mohammad Azharuddin’s record as most tosses won as a test captain which is quite unbelievable as the Indian skipper is well known for losing tosses. The number of tests captained, however, is much more in case of Virat Kohli which is why he clearly had an edge over the previous captains. It is noteworthy that MS Dhoni has not won many tosses in his career as a test captain.

Most tosses won:

30* -Virat Kohli (68 Tests)
29 – Mohammad Azharuddin (47 Tests)
26 – MS Dhoni (60 Tests)

Having won the toss, Virat Kohli opted to bat first and that proved to be the correct decision as the second day was washed off by rain, making the surface difficult to bat on. Team India made a mammoth score on the first day itself, giving them a big advantage.

“Runs on the board and away from home that has been our strength. The wicket has grass on it and the pitch tends to get quicker as the game goes on,” Virat Kohli had said after winning the toss.

“This is a very challenging place to play cricket. We will have to be at our best,” said the skipper.