Virat Kohli gets trolled on twitter for his tips on How to Celebrate Diwali properly

Remember last year when Virat Kohli posted a video on Diwali in which he advised his fans not to use any firecrackers during the festive season to avoid pollution? Back then the Indian skipper faced a heavy backlash as he was heavily trolled by some of the fans as they thought that the player was poking his nose in their religious beliefs. The skipper should have learnt his ‘lesson’ the first time but sadly he didn’t. He repeated the same thing this year also and as a result, he faced the same backlash once again, but this time on a wider spectrum.

In a video that the Indian skipper posted today morning, he once again stated the adverse effects of using firecrackers and advised his fans not to do so keeping the environment in mind. Moments after this, “#SunoKohli” was trending all over Twitter and fans were using it to troll Virat Kohli. They were abusing the Indian skipper and making memes on him and were also giving it a political agenda which divided a platform into two sides.

A majority of the fans even grilled him over the facts that he himself owns a private jet and a ton of diesel vehicles. All of them release pollutants in the environment and thus according to them, Virat Kohli preaches things that he himself cannot follow.

“India’s per capita CO2 emission is approx 1.8 tonnes/yr. A private jet (which Kohli-Anushka owns) alone generates nearly 6 tonnes of CO2 in just one 3hrs trip. 1.8 tonnes/yr vs 6 tonnes in a 3h trip! Really audacious of this couple to preach about environment on our festivals.” – wrote a fan.

Let us now take a look at the Twitter Reactions –