Virat Kohli mimics Shikhar Dhawan on IG Story – Video goes viral

Earlier today, Indian skipper Virat Kohli made headlines after putting himself in controversy by posting a video on his social media handles in which he advised his fans not to use firecrackers this Diwali. He was brutally bashed by his fans and the ‘hindu nationalists’ on twitter as according to them, Kohli was taking a dig at the Hindu traditions. However, the skipper is seemingly unmoved by all the criticism and he posted a poles apart video with a totally different mood moments after that incident.

Virat Kohli posted a video on his instagram story in which he was mimicking his fellow colleague in the Indian national team, Shikhar Dhawan. The video was merely 30seconds long and extended upto 3 slides of his instagram story but that was enough for many of the fans to forget what he did earlier and groove over the fun element of the story.

Virat Kohli has earlier mimicked some of his other teammates as well in some of the interviews that he gave to media houses and many of those went viral in those days. This was yet another similar occurrence.

The video got viral in no time. It started to be reposted by several other instagram and facebook pages and fans are just loving this side of Virat Kohli. Kohli was seen sporting a Puma trouser and t-shirt in the video and it suggests that the video might as well be a collaboration with the sport brand.