WATCH : 2 Balls 2 Review & Still Ajinkya Rahane Survive – Too Much Drama!

The Most hilarious thing took place today during the big match between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR won the toss and opted to bowl first but Delhi Capitals had the upper hand in the match pretty much from the very first delivery. They were able to score a humongous first innings score of 215 runs and they put a massive pressure on KKR from the very beginning. It was expected that KKR will be under tremendous pressure as they come in the chase the total but probably no one had expected that the first three deliveries of the second innings would involve so much drama.

Delhi Capitals bowler Mustafizur Rahman was facing Ajinkya Rahane in the very first over of the match. On the very first delivery, they made a huge appeal for lbw but and the Umpire pointed that Rahane was out. However, Ajinkya Rahane went upstairs for a review immediately and thus saved himself from departing. On the second delivery, the ball hit Rahane’s pads again and there was once again a huge shout for wicket. And once again Umpire gave it and Rahane went upstairs for a review. There was apparently a huge connection between the bat and the ball and he was saved once again.

However, on the third delivery, the exact opposite thing took place. Rahane edged the ball towards the keeper and he called it not out. However, this time around, it was indeed our but Rishabh Pant decided not to go for the review and they missed the chance to dismiss Ajinkya Rahane.