WATCH: 7 Runs in 1 ball ! Comedy of errors by Bangladesh

The Bangladesh National cricket team has now become almost synonymous to Comedy of errors. In every single match they do a certain act of foolishness which goes viral on social media and the second test was no exception. In the first test they appealed for LBW when the ball was clearly touching the bat and this time they gave away 7 runs in a single delivery, also missing an important catch in the process.

As we all know, Bangladesh and New Zealand are currently taking on each other in a test series on New Zealand’s home turf. To everyone’s surprise, the Bengal tigers ended up winning the first test and it was a memorable moment for them.

However that did not prohibit them from fooling around on the pitch on the very first day of the second test which was today.

A fielding error from Ebadot Hossain and Nurul Hasan cost Bangladesh 7 runs. Ebadot Hossain was bowling against Will Young when the batsman played it behind towards the Wicketkeeper. Nurul Hasan first missed a catch and the Kiwi batsmen ran 3 runs. The wicketkeeper threw the ball towards the non-striker’s end but it was a poor throw and went all the way for a four. Not only fif Ebadot Hossain miss a catch but also gave away 7 runs !