WATCH: Anuj Rawat drops a Simple catch soon after taking a Stunner

Tonight has been a complete disaster for Royal Challengers Bangalore. They suffered a tragic loss against Punjab Kings despite putting up a first innings score of 205 and now IPL fans are trolling them by saying things like New season, new team, new captain but same RCB. It is the bowlers against who put RCB down in the second innings and conceded way too many runs and they had to lose despite a fabulous performance by their Batsmen.

However, it was not only the bowlers’ fault and RCB’s fielding was insanely poor as well. As a matter of fact, had it not been for the poor batting of RCB, they could have won the match despite Odean Smith and Shahrukh Khan’s stellar performance as they missed a lot of catches and had those two players been out, it was game over for Punjab Kings.

The man who is being accused the most after today’s match for his poor fielding display is Anuj Rawat. Anuj Rawat missed Odean Smith’s catch today when he was batting at 0 and it will be good to say that he pretty much missed the match there.

It was a very simple catch and he could not himself believe that he had dropped it. The more interesting thing is that just before that incident, Anuj Rawat had taken a fantastic catch to depart Liam Livingstone and now he had missed this sitter.

From there, Odeon Smith went on to score 25 for 8 at a decimating strike rate of 312 and he won the match for Punjab Kings out of nowhere alongside his fellow partner Shahrukh Khan.

Although Odean Smith deserves all the credit in the world for his performance, Anuj Rawat should have taken the catch and that would have changed the match completely.