WATCH: Batsman throws the bat in frustration after getting Run Out – It hits his partner !

Sometimes the most hilarious and unbelievable incidents occur in leagues which we do not know much about, like the Sunday leagues or some small leagues in some distant county. As these matches do not get much footage, the main source of people getting to know about these is either YouTube videos that get viral or through several social media sites. But once they get viral and reach their target audience, these clips and videos are definitely worth every watch.

A similar viral video has recently resurfaced featuring two players of the same team that had a small truffle with each other while running between the wickets. In a match between Mamba and Everg in an unknown league, M Evans and Adam Ladak of Mamba were batting as the openers. On the very first delivery of the fourth over, the most hilarious incident occurred.

There was a miscommunication between the two batsmen. Adam Ladak, who was on strike, called the other for a single but when Evans was already out of the pitch, he realised that the fielder had the ball and it was too late. He thus refused to commit and stayed grounded.

As a result it was an easy run out for the opposition team and Evans had to depart. The batsman was seemingly furious at his partner for the dismissal and he threw his bat in the air. Unfortunately it hit the batsman and he fell back which though dangerous, was the most hilarious thing to see. However, Evans had not done it intentionally as he went up to the injured batsman to check if he was alright.