WATCH: Dean Elgar take a brilliant catch as Ajinkya Rahane departs for 1 run

Ajinkya Rahane has once again given an extremely poor display in the ongoing test series between India and South Africa, scoring single digit runs in the important series deciding match and it might finally be the time he bids adieu to his spot in the Indian test team. He has been given ample chances in the past few years but successive poor performances like this one day after the other shall not be tolerated in a team as competitive as India where the competition to get a spot in the team is so immense.

India are currently in a tricky situation in the third test against India. They currently have a 140 runs lead with 6 wickets in hand. Given the current state of the pitch, at least 160 more runs will give India a defendable total.

WATCH: Ajinkya Rahane’s dismissal

Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara’s quick dismissals were a big blow to the blues. Kagiso Rabada picked up the wicket of Ajinkya Rahane and Marco Jansen took that of Pujara. They scored 1 and 9 runs respectively. It must be mentioned here that the catch that South Africa captain Dean Elgar took to dismiss Ajinkya Rahane was one of a kind indeed and he must be applauded for that.

The positive sign though is that Rishabh Pant and Virat Kohli – the two batters that are batting right now, are looking to be in brilliant forms. Rishabh Pant has already completed his fifty and Virat Kohli is already set having picked up 120 deliveries.