WATCH: Jasprit Bumrah suffers horrible injury in follow through: Twists his ankle so badly !

The third day of the first test between India and South Africa was not anything like day 1. Unlike on Day 1 when the batters were getting some extra help and the ball was coming up nicely to the bat, Day 3 favoured the bowlers. The pitch being completely washed off on Day 2 due to rain, the pacers did incredibly well tonight and within an hour of resumption of the match, The entire Indian team was sent back to the pavilion. India put up a first innings score of 327.

However, the Indian pacers did intriguingly well as well. The visitors definitely got the advantage having done well on the first day’s pitch which the South Africans will not have the privilege of doing. Mohammad Shami picked up 2 wickets and Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Siraj picked up a wicket each. South Africa are currently 64/4 which is a horrible score given India’s incredible first innings performance.

However, it was not all good news for India as their star bowler Jasprit Bumrah badly injured himself while bowling. The pacer twisted his ankle in the follow through and fell down in agonizing pain almost instantly. The medics had to come in to look after him and Bumrah was taken out of the field. Moments later, he was seen limping his way out of the pavilion.

A video of the injury has now gone viral and netizens are shocked to see how badly his ankle was twisted. If anything it is going to be a long injury which will make Bumrah miss many matches.