WATCH : Outstanding One-handed Catch By Rayudu Reminds Fans Of Ricky Ponting

Chennai Super Kings registered their first every victory in the Indian Premier League 2022 today against a strong Royal Challengers Bangalore side and it came as a surprise for many as no one had expected them to defeat Faf du Plessis and his men as the two teams have had completely opposite fates in the competition so far. Royal Challengers Bangalore had been one of the best sides in the IPL 2022 whereas Chennai Super Kings had been the worst team in the league until today. However, the tables have seemingly started to turn as Chennai Super Kings registered an emphatic win over RCB.

In this article, we shall be talking about a particular catch of Ambati Rayudu to be precise because it was an extremely elegant one and is definitely worth mentioning. It was the 16th over of the match and Royal Challengers Bangalore had already scored 146 runs for 7 wickets. Dinesh Karthik and new batsman Akash Deep were batting and Akash Deep was on strike. Ravindra Jadeja, who was bowling the over, delivered a leg-spin and Akash Deep played a peculiar lofted shot towards the offside. Ambati Rayudu was far away from it but he saw an opportunity and thus tried to grab it. He jumped towards the ball and caught it with his right hand and it got up immediately.

It was undoubtedly an excellent catch and it kind of reminded us of a particular catch that Ricky Ponting had taken in the Indian Premier League during his service to Mumbai Indians which was back in around 2013.