WATCH: Pakistan miss a Review and Mohammad Rizwan has to depart

Australia defeated Pakistan in the third test of their 3-match test series and thus won the series by a near margin of 1-0. While it has to be admitted that Australian bowlers performed brilliantly today on Day 5 of the match, it also has to be mentioned that there were a lot of errors on part of Pakistan as well. They gave away many wickets very cheaply and the dismissal of Mohammad Rizwan by Pat Cummins is perhaps the best example of it.

Pakistan was in a troubling situation back then and they had scored only 167/4 with a target of 351. Mohammad Rizwan had just stepped on the pitch to bat and he was facing his sixth delivery without having scored a single run. He was facing Pat Cummins when a brilliant ball hit his pads directly and the umpire ruled it out almost directly.

The commentators predicted that Rizwan will definitely go upstairs for a review but everyone was shocked when he walked straight out and even captain Babar Azam did not persuade him to take the review.

When the pitching was shown later after Rizwan walked out of the field, it was clear that Mohammad Rizwan was not out and that he should have taken the review.

This is not the first time that Pakistan missed a DRS decision and this has cost them matches time and again. Had Rizwan taken the review, the outcome of the match could have been completely different.

However it was not so and he had to depart, unfortunately. Australia went on to pick all 10 of Pakistan’s wickets and thus they won the match.