Why does Dinesh Karthik wear an Unique Design Helmet

If you have been an Indian cricket fan and IPL fan for quite some time now, you must have noticed the helmet that Dinesh Karthik wears. It is not the usual helmet that we see every batsman wearing and its style turns many eyeballs as it is very unique. In this article, we shall be learning the real reason why Dinesh Karthik wears this kind of a helmet.

Well, the helmet that Dinesh Karthik wears is no ordinary cricket helmet but it rather resembles the helmets that is used in American Football and Baseball.

Unlike cricket helmets, this kind of helmets have no cap and thus they are extremely light which allows the batsman to move his/her head very comfortably.

In a interview a few years ago, Dinesh Karthik had said in an interview that he does not like to wear any helmet while wicketkeeping as he can not move his head freely wearing it.

Thus, he has thus type of helmets specially built for wicketkeeping and as he is now habituated with this type oh helmets, he wears these while batting as well.

The sports equipment company that sponsors Dinesh Karthik thus specially builds these helmets for him.

However, there is also a big disadvantage of using these helmets. As it has no cap, these are very bad for safety and if someone gets hit in his head wearing this, he might get seriously injured or hurt. However, this is a risk that Dinesh Karthik is ready to take.

Earlier, we have also seen some players like Kumar Sangakkara wearing a similar helmet.