Why is MS Dhoni wearing Orange gloves in IPL 2022?

Former Team India and CSK captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is nearing the end of his career. IPL 2022 is the first IPL season ever where MS Dhoni will not be the captain of any franchise and it is quite an emotional moment for his fans as he will not be playing in many more IPL seasons and in fact, this might be his last ever season playing in the Indian Premier League. 

It is an emotional moment for not just the fans but MS Dhoni himself as well and thus he has decided to go back to his roots. 

During the first match of the Indian Premier League between CSK and KKR which they ended up losing, fans were surprised to see Dhoni wearing an orange pair of wicket-keeping gloves in the second innings when CSK was fielding. This was unusual as Dhoni usually wears Camouflage wicket-keeping gloved and it has been the same for the last several years. So what is the mystery behind the orange gloves? 

Well, die-hard MS Dhoni fans will know that MS Dhoni used to wear the same orange coloured SS gloves during the initial phase of his career when he just started playing for India. His gloves sponsors were SS and his bat sponsors were BAS. Although his bat sponsors have long changed and he uses Spartan bats now, MS Dhoni has switched back to his old wicket-keeping gloves near the end of his career. 

He has done this to give a tribute to his old sponsors and also to return back to his roots. The starting and the ending of the career of MS Dhoni is thus going to be very similar in that aspect which makes it even harder to take and emotional for Dhoni fans.