Yuvraj Singh arrested by Haryana Police ! This is the crime has committed

In the most shocking news of the hour, a former Indian cricket star has been arrested by the Haryana Police due a case that was filed against him based on an Instagram live that he did with Rohit Sharma almost a year ago. There is an immense amount of grey spot or unknown detailing about the whole incident and not every information is being shared by the police. In this article, we will be talking about all the information that is available to us so far.

So what was it that Yuvraj Singh said that caused him to be sent to jail? In fact, Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma were talking about fellow Indian cricketer and their colleague Yuzvendra Chahal. The spinner has had a habit of interfering in every celebrity’s instagram live and commenting something. That was exactly what he did in their live as well and Yuvraj and Rohit then talked about him. During their conversation, Yuvraj Singh used the term ‘Bhangi’ against Yuzi Chahal which is often considered to be a casteist slur. It passed away unnoticed at that time.

However, now that a year has passed, a case has been filed against Yuvraj Singh to Haryana Police on grounds of caste-based discrimination against Yuzi Chahal. It is well known thatYuvraj Singh likes to joke around with his friends and that was his very explanation about the entire situation.

Things worsened so much that last night, the former Indian cricketer was arrested by Haryana Police. Fortunately for him, he has been released on interim bail.